Does the company accept non-Malaysians ?

Absolutely. We are very proud of our diverse team members. Not only that we are multi-talented, but we are also multi-cultural, multi-nationals Gigglers from more than 10 nationalities, diverse background and religious beliefs. We share the passion to create great contents! We are looking for foreign talents that have multiple years of  experience in the industry, or with the following experience:

  1. A tertiary qualification (Bachelors Degree) from an institution of higher learning (in any field) with at least 2 years experience; OR
  2. Holds a diploma in multimedia/ICT or another specialised ICT certification with at least 3 years’ relevant experience in multimedia/ICT or an equivalent field.

Where is Cyberjaya ?

You may read more information about Cyberjaya HERE
Some useful formation about housing / residential areas and transportation are also available within the link above.

How do I apply?

Please DO NOT send application to any of our emails as the application would not be processed automatically. The easiest way is using this online Jobs Site portal.

  1. Register and create your resume. This online resume will be saved in our job portal.
  2. When you click on the available job, you my follow the link provided to attach the resume you have created in order to apply for that position.
  3. For internship, please refer to this guide.

Any tips for my jobs application?

Please show us what you can do. Show reels are important and should suit the position you are applying for. Please do not send us show reel of your last travel video projects if you were applying for one of our riggers positions. Several tips are:

  • Provide URL where we can view your Show Reel in your application. We do not provide Uploading facility so this has to be hosted elsewhere. The contents of the reels/portfolio should have:
  • Representative examples such as drawings, sketches, gray scale models etc
  • Modellers: include wire frames and turnarounds;
  • Animators: include facial animation, ranges of physical dynamics, movements and actions.
  • Riggers: include tool sets
  • Lighting Artists: include tone & depth, visual balancing
  • Please do not show work that is currently in production by other production companies, studios, non-public and un-approved. We will not look at un-approved reel.
  • Keep the audio of the reel to the basic — sometimes, the audio may even annoy our reviewers if they dont like it.
  • Provide description of your show reel and tell us what specific actions did you do (I modelled the car, I animated the lorry, I painted all the sky. Share your roles with us.

How’s the interview like?

At Giggle Garage, we want to see what you can do for us. So your show reel is important. This will be reviewed by the relevant department chiefs; and if we find that your skills set fits the position we want to fill, a member of our recruiting team will call you or email you. This call is important to know more about you, to find out what you are really looking for; to provide you with additional information about the position & the way we do fun things at Giggle Garage. If all is well, we will be meeting you in a face-to-face interview or if you are abroad, we will either try to setup Skype call or another teleconference call (with additional team members from Giggle Garage).  We try to provide you the feedback within 7-14 days from this call but sometimes, it is possible to be taking more time; we have to really look at your show reels (an important part of your CV).

Can I submit Show Reel by courier?

Yes. If you are submitting by post or dropping them off in our offices, send copies only as we do not return any materials. The reel can be in a DVD/VCD.  Send all material to:

Giggle Garage Sdn Bhd
4806-1-10, Central Business District 2
Jalan Perdana, Cyber 12
63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia


I want to delete my data in Jobsite

You can use the “Delete Account” button that is available when you have logged in. Otherwise, you may send us a message in our Facebook page so we can process your request. All the website data is auto-purge after 12 months.