Giggle Garage Animations

3D Layout Artist

  • Full Time Contract
  • Cyberjaya
  • This position has been filled
  • Salary Range: No information

The 3D Layout Artist is responsible for composing shots in 3D, positioning or animating the camera, loading any needed set pieces and characters into the shot and putting them into their positions.



  • Experience in 3D software preferably Autodesk Maya
  • Good understanding of filmmaking process and cinematography including use of lenses, positioning and moving the camera, etc
  • Experience in layout/previsualization: Demonstrable artistic skills including a strong sense of composition and perspective; the ability to create atmosphere
  • Excellent attention to detail: This position requires complete understanding of real worlds camera and camera rigs and very good sense of composition.
  • Ability to work within a strong team environment; ability to take direction and a willingness to address comments and make changes
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills:
    • ability to communicate with colleagues and work as part of a team;
    • ability to work with a minimum of supervision and ability to problem solve;
    • ability to deliver on schedule, working under pressure if required;
    • respect for the procedures and requirements of a particular studio, production or pipeline;


Job Description:

  • Provide technical set up of shots for production.
  • Establish character blocking/poses, final camera movements, composition and cinematography
  • Responsible for the continuity and flow within and between shots and sequences
  • Work with Layout Supervisor to execute the vision of the Director and Creative Director and create a 3D version of the animatic or other boards: versatile in translating from storyboards or directly from script-to-screen.
  • Provide production ready scene files that animation, lighting and FX can use to begin their functions within the overall pipeline.
  • This is a full time, fixed-term position renewable on annual basis