Animation Supervisor

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  • Cyberjaya
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15540682_1380087028670990_4333489953089269410_oAnimation Supervisor is a key production leadership position in Giggle Garage. The position provides key leadership to the animation team members, and working closely with animation supervisors and/or animation leads to ensure the department is set up for a quality consistent with the respective animation production. To role requires effective management of the animation team to complete the production on quality and on time with the allocated budget.

Job Descriptions & Key Responsibilities

  • Lead, manage and develop team of animators
  • Establish and setup animation tools, technique and resources suitable to deliver high quality animation for each show in the most cost effective and optimum schedule.
  • Establish key character animation and animation SOP or protocols for the entire series with the Lead Animator and Director
  • Responsible to review/approve animation passes from the internal and external teams and write notes and responses to push animation to the desired standard
  • Work closely with Technical Director to ensure good facial and character rig
  • Approve Blend Shapes and Morphs for facial expressions
  • Work closely with the Director to understand overall storytelling and humor of the show
  • Work closely with the animation teams to improve each delivery and in turn reduce retakes as production proceeds.
  • Ensure that the production for which he/she is responsible is completed on time.
  • Ensure the production meets the standard of quality set by the Producer and Senior or Supervising Director/Head of Production.
  • Consult with Animation Director as to the technical feasibility of elements in the script and suggest production friendly solutions that will maintain the vision of the series.
  • Study scripts/storyboards and use these as a basis to design the strongest sequences possible given the resources available.
  • Complete the final cut of the show and ensure that the editing serves the story and action of the production.
  • Direct and coordinate animation, instructing animators on the position and the angle of their shots, acting of the characters and the timing of their motions.
  • Maximize the re-use of animation when the production schedule calls for it.
  • Overall, be aware of the show/series continuity.

Job Requirement

  • Established experience as CGI animator with at least 5 years in animation supervisory or leadership role
  • Extensive knowledge of Maya and other animation tools both creatively and technically
  • Passion for characterful animation and great comic timing.
  • Very good communication and leadership skills